Build This Fold Up Workbench For Limited Space


What is the size of your woodworking shop? Most novice woodworkers have small shops if they even have one. They may even work outside, under a carport, or in a garage. So space is limited, but that doesn’t mean they can’t improvise.

My shop was considered small for a business shop – it was 24×30. Of course I had another building where I would assemble the furniture, but normally, a hobbyist wouldn’t have needed the building full of jigs that I had because we assembled the same furniture over and over. But 24×30 for what I was dealing with was still tiny, and most shops are smaller than that. I just read where an individual worked out of a 10×13, which is the size of a small bedroom. But he maximized the space that he had, and here is how.

First, all of his tools were on wheels. His workbench, miter saw stand, his table saw…all had casters (make sure if you can to get locking casters for safety.) He said if he couldn’t put it on wheels he didn’t have it in the shop.

Secondly, make your stations, benches, and stands collapsible. This way you can pull them out on an as needed basis instead of having to wheel everything around or arrange the shop each time you walk in the door. I have the video of a collapsible workbench below and how to build it, so it will also give you and idea of creating other knock-down stands, tables, etc.. for your machines and tools.

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Third, use the walls for everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Hanging the tools, building shelves to hold everything, Shelving is a must, but put the shelving up higher so that you can roll a worktable or stand underneath it. If you want extra work benches attach them to the wall where it will fold down like they do with a table in a RV or travel trailer/camper.

Also be sure that if you have stands that don’t knock down, these have shelving underneath to hold tools and woodworking items. Don’t just have a pile of scrap. Make a bin against the wall and put the scrap pieces in there and keep it well organized.

There are a ton of ideas that can be implemented, just think outside the box. Again the video on the knockdown workbench is below, so use it as an idea for your small shop with limited space.
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Updated: February 12, 2017 — 4:03 am

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