Building Your Own Dining Room Table

One extremely popular woodworking project that many craftsmen take on is building their own dining room table. I personally love designing and constructing tables. The satisfaction is high with this item because it’s hard for anyone that is in your dining room to miss it. It’s the focal point of many homes, and can be a show-stopper.

dining tableOnce someone finds  out you actually built it yourself, they will be giving you a pat on the back. Additionally, most people like to eat! So every bite tastes better eating on a piece of furniture that you have built.

Down below is a great video by Steve Ramsey of WoodWorkingforMereMortals. He gives step-by-step instructions on the build. But before watching it, here are some great tips when you are working on your own.


Hardwoods typically are used for a table-top, but I personally have built one out of cypress and it worked out great. There are many choices, but some of the most popular are oak, teak, mahogany, and walnut. If you can’t afford these then going with a better grade of plywood or even MDF is an option.

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Maple is used by many furniture companies because this woodstock is extremely dense. The density will make for an even finish, especially when staining the top. The problem is maple is expensive, so again, much of this is going to depend on your circumstances, and what you can or cannot get your hands on.


If you are limited in space, one option is you can incorporate extensions into the table so that it only has to go to full size when you are eating there or have company. Though this may take a good bit longer to design and build, it may be something to think about if your dining area is small.


Depending on the style of your home, the framework is going to vary (of course.) If you are going with a more country style home, you can get away with more cross-beams and support showing on the outside and bottom of the table. Most that use this style will then make the frame stand out to give it a strong country accent.

If you are looking for a contemporary appeal, then straight lines and corners are going to work best. Typically this style will have hidden supports and beams so that the end result is a sleek look.

If you have a mixture of design in your home, then combining the two could be the solution. There really is no right or wrong here as long as the project ends up being sturdy and well constructed.


The legs of your table can take a good bit of forethought because not only will the legs be a major part of the support, but they will usually become the most prominent feature. Due to this, if your legs are extremely decorative, then you can make a top that is on the plain side, and the table still will have a great look to it.

For the most part, the overall look, materials used, and construction will be dealt with according to what you (and your spouse) are trying to accomplish regarding the style. The video below is of a great dining room table but you definitely can customize it to fit with your own design and appeal. Enjoy!

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Updated: March 4, 2017 — 11:41 pm

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